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But let’s take a moment to talk about Minecraft, about the game itself, so we may get a better understanding of why it’s so appealing that players would risk everything to get their hands on these fraudulent “Minecraft Free” offers.


Before Mojang there was only Markus “Notch” Persson, a single Swedish developer, inspired by games such as Dungeon Keeper to create his own resource-gathering and building game. While he initially envisioned it as an isometric title (top-down point of view), he later decided on the current and unique blocky visual design and first person perspective.

While he originally worked on the game while still holding a day job, with the sales from the Alpha version of the game, he made the development of Minecraft his priority, quit his job and founded Mojang (if he had offered Minecraft for free he wouldn’t have gotten there). Alpha gave way to Beta, an increase in retail price and eventually to the released version aka 1.0. But even before its official release, Minecraft had already blown the minds of millions across the world, who never before envisioned such a vast game with not only creative and artistic possibilities (some of which we’ve covered in the past) but also a deep and satisfying RPG element that drove its survival mode.

Over the past few years and with hundreds of patches, the game has expanded to include new areas, new enemies and crafts. And with Minecraft’s open support of the Modding Community, servers have been expanded to include things the people at Mojang had never even dreamed of. Nowadays there is something for everyone in Minecraft. These fantastic creations, at least, you can get and install into your Minecraft for free.

Minecraft has not only given new life to an almost niche genre, but it took the entire world by storm and everyone in the world knows what Minecraft is, even if they don’t like it. The success and widespread of Minecraft and its many subgenres and games and custom-built games has launched the careers of some of the biggest names in YouTube and the Modding community.

Recently the company and game were sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. You might have recently read how Persson used some of that money, to buy a $70 million house.

Minecraft free download

It’s sad but even after all these years there are still websites claiming there is such a thing as a completely Minecraft free download for PC. Look it up on your favourite search engine and you will get thousands of hits. These sites would have you believe there is a way to cheat the system, to bypass Mojang and get this game with no strings attached. With claims of distributing Minecraft online for free, these sites try to lure you into downloading their suspicious offerings. But as much as they would have you believe, with their very well crafted excuses and promises, that there is a free version of the game but in reality there is no such thing. You have to pay for it in order to play it. Sure, client itself is a Minecraft free download, but without an officially sanctioned account, the kind you get once you register and pay up, that’s as far as you will get. Other sites will tell you that you can play Minecraft online for free if you download and install your own server. Sure, the download itself and the setup are completely free (and Mojang even includes some very detailed guides on server configuration) but if you want to play on it, guess what? You will still need an official Minecraft account. So no matter what you do, buying the game is something you absolutely will have to do in order to enjoy the game fully.

If you’ve ever fallen for the sweet words from these “Minecraft free download” scam artists, then you’ve probably found yourself playing a subpar Minecraft clone, of which there are hundreds out there of varyingly low quality, or as is very often the case, not playing anything at all but spreading dangerous malware on your system through the provided installation. It happens with every popular game out there. There will always be disreputable sites that offer a free version of the game only to lure people in so they can spread malicious software. If you’re really lucky, what they offer up for download is just the trial version of the game (more on that below) disguised as “Free Minecraft”.

In fact, one of the interesting aspects about Minecraft is that it has never been free, not even during its Alpha and Beta stages. In many ways Minecraft was the precursor to the Steam Early Access program, paying for a game in development and playing it in order to help the developers work out the bugs and make a better game.

While you can’t get the game for free, you can get trial versions and play Minecraft online for a while.

These trials will let you play the game with a temporary account, enough to whet your appetite and give you the first taste of Minecraft’s gameplay. It’s the very closest thing in the world to a Free Minecraft and you should definitely make use of it to see if this is the game for you, if it awakens the builder’s spirit in your soul and gets you so hooked you won’t waste any time and run straight to the official Minecraft site to purchase the game and create your own Mojang account. Just be aware that these trial versions, aka Demo Worlds, last for just about five days (ingame) which amounts to approximately 100 real world minutes. On the upside, you can reset the demo world as many times as you like but you will never get very far.

Beyond Minecraft

One of the biggest consequences of Minecraft’s success is the sudden appearance of Minecraft inspired games, also known as Minecraft Games, from simple clones to original games that borrow the look and feel and name in order to draw in prospective audiences.

Here are a couple of examples and do note that each of these is a true Minecraft free download for PC:

Zombiescraft: This is a zombie apocalypse survival game, reminiscent of the mod DayZ, but built to look and feel like Minecraft, with a similar interface and controls. But unlike its Java-developed inspiration, this game was completely developed in Unity, the free game engine. The developers have combined the fandom for DayZ’s gruesome tactical play with the attraction of Minecraft’s gameplay. Not to be confused with the Zombiecraft Server, which is a Minecraft server offering similar gameplay.

MineCraft – Whack A Mine: This Minecraft game is unique compared to other clone-offerings. Instead of giving you full control of the scenery and the ability to collect and build things at your own leisure or discretion, you are placed in front of three rows of pits similar to Whack-A-Mole, just instead of critters you get materials shooting out of the holes. Your task is to shoot these materials to collect blocks and then use them to build what you need.


Minecraft is a beast, one of the most influential and successful games in the past decade, a world-wide phenomenon that gives the players the ability to play God and create wonders or to be adventurers fighting to save the world from the forces of evil. And with the extremely active modding community and the constant patches there isn’t a limit on the types of experiences that can be had in this fantastic game.

But our love for it is precisely why we’ve taken the time to warn you about these so-called Free Minecraft Downloads for PC, because we want you to experience the real thing and be safe while you do it (internet security is another thing we’re big on).

We hope this article opens your eyes to the dangers of these harmful pages and offers and instead point you towards the real deal and the astounding number of resources available to you should you play the Demo version and decide that this is the game you want to spend money on and play.

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